Hockey is a competitive sport, so most school or community teams will travel to play other teams, just like the pros do. That means players have to carry a lot of gear and fragile equipment around, including hockey sticks. At Great Skate Hockey Supply Company, we've got hockey stick bags that will make traveling as easy on you and your equipment as possible.

Basic hockey stick bags, like the Easton Stealth RS stick bag, are designed to fit snugly around your stick. An optimal bag will have a shoulder strap that allows you to easily carry the bag over your shoulder or across your back. Nylon bags will prevent scratching or other blade damage that could hurt your game play.

Hockey Stick Bags to Protect Your Gear
For the player who really cares about his stick, Easton Stealth bags are a great option. Specifically designed for the Easton Stealth hockey stick, this bag's best feature is an external blade pocket. The pocket is padded for an extra layer of protection during travel. This is the stick bag to get if you often find yourself checking your sticks on a plane or having to stow them below a bus.

Aside from hockey stick bags, we carry a full line of bags for the rest of your gear. Perfect for players on a school team, the Easton Stealth RS backpack has pouches on either side for skates, a front pouch for pucks and accessories, and a hidden security compartment. Plus, there's still room inside for homework! For more information on the hockey stick and gear bags we carry, give us a call toll free at 1.800.828.7496, or write us