At times, the referee is the most important figure on the ice, making calls and ensuring fair play. Just like the players, a hockey referee needs gear that will let him move around the ice quickly and safely. Fortunately, Great Skate Hockey Supply Company carries everything a referee could need.

The bold black and white stripes of a hockey referee's uniform make him easy to spot. In a fast-paced game, however, it can't hurt to for the ref to have a little extra flair on his uniform and equipment. Our referee uniforms include snaps on the arms where orange reflective armbands can be attached for extra visibility to coaches, players, and fans.

Protective Hockey Referee Equipment
Hockey can, at times, be a pretty rough sport, and it's at those times that a referee usually has to be in the heat of the action. Just as the players need protective equipment, so does the referee. We carry leg and shin guards, elbow pads, and protective girdles especially for refs, alongside standard protective gear and helmets.

Of course, the one piece of equipment a hockey referee absolutely can't be without is a whistle! We carry those, too, along with an equipment bag designed for the traveling ref, complete with separate sections for skates so they won't damage other gear. For more information about our ref gear, call us toll free at 1.800.828.7496, or