While the most important attribute of goalie pads in a hockey game is protection, you also need to consider speed, weight, and maneuverability. On the one hand, you need to be able to withstand the force of the puck when it moves at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour, but you don't just want to stop the puck with your body and have it bounce off. Ideally, even bulky goalie pads and gear will not hinder your deft catches, saves, and stick work.

At Great Skate Hockey Supply Company, our goalie pads run from the most affordable options from top brands like Reebok, Vaughn, and Bauer to the same gear that you're going to see on NHL stars. We also have a selection of junior gear so that you can make sure young enthusiasts are safe and have every advantage as they learn. In face, we have the largest selection of hockey equipment in North America.

Save Money on Hockey Goalie Pads
You can save money on top equipment when you shop at Great Skate Hockey Supply Company. For example, the MSRP on a set of Reebok Larceny Sr. Goalie Pads is $679, but we offer them at over 20 percent off every day. You can discover the amazing feeling of Reebok unique H2O-X moisture-management lining while taking up net space with six pounds of flat foam designed to facilitate your saves.

We also stock several less expensive models of goalie pads from Vaughn. With their characteristic Flex-Pac internal padding and hand sewn details, pads like Vaughn GP9400 Vision Goalie Pads are versatile and make a great investment for a serious player. Phone us toll free at 1.800.828.7496, or send an email to if you have any questions.