The game of hockey is thousands of years old and has been played on ice since at least the early 1800s. It's a game of speed, power, and skill. It is also a game that requires a fair amount of equipment to play. At Great Skate Hockey Supply Company, we've got hockey equipment for sale that will help you play competitively.

Reebok, Bauer, Mission, CCM, Warrior and Easton are just a few of the popular brands of hockey equipment we have for sale at the lowest prices possible. We carry equipment for anyone who wants to play the game--adults, kids, rookies, and seasoned professionals. We also carry a special selection of hockey equipment designed just for referees.

Top Brand Skates and Hockey Equipment For Sale
To move quickly, turn and stop on a dime, support your feet, and not get fatigued, you need the right pair of skates. We have CCM skates that also make it easy for you to change blades so that you don't have to throw away an otherwise perfectly good skate when the blade wears down. Goalies will be interested in our selection of equipment for sale designed just for them--like the Reebok 20k Hockey Skate, which features the famous "pump" for a secure fit and a water-repellent surface to keep the toes dry on the ice.

We also boast a large assortment of hockey sticks for sale. We carry all the most popular sticks, including the Easton Stealth, in adult and junior sizes. Coated in Kevlar for superior durability, the Easton Stealth has a slip-free grip that makes it the choice of pro players like Jarome Iginla. For more information or assistance with a purchase, call us at 1.800.828.7496, or email us at