Though there are a number of hockey equipment bags on the market, many players will end up having the same bag as others on their team. In fact, if you play for a school team or league where your gear is subsidized, all the players on your team may have identical equipment bags. That's just one reason why the Bauer Vapor Deluxe is such a great bag.

Bauer Premium Deluxe hockey equipment bags have an outside pocket for an ID tag. Whether you have a swipe card to get into the rink or you are going to use your student ID card, this is a convenient way to identify your bags in the locker room or after getting off the bus or plane if bags have all been tossed in cargo together. This ID pocket, along with wheels and a telescopic handle, is the type of special feature that sets the Bauer Premium Deluxe apart.

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Another important thing to remember is that some of your hockey equipment will be damp or wet at the end of a practice or game. A bag like the Bauer Core Deluxe has two separate pockets designed for wet and dry gear. You don't have to worry about a wooden stick bowing or a metal blade rusting when your dry gear never comes in contact with wet gear.

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