Hockey Bags

You can find a wide range of hockey bags to suit every purpose at Great Skate Hockey Supply Company. If you're running drills for your team, for example, you may want to pick up one of our hockey puck bags to stay organized. For players, we have hockey equipment bags and hockey stick bags in many different styles.

If, like many NHL stars, you use Easton hockey sticks, you might want to get some of our hockey bags made especially for Stealth and Synergy sticks. Each of these hockey stick bags can accommodate three hockey sticks, so you can carry your primary stick and a spare. The Easton RS stick bag is also large enough to carry and protect a goalie hockey stick.

Hockey Bags with Convenient Features
For the rest of your hockey equipment, we have hockey bags with shoulder straps and wheels. Regardless of the style that you choose, our hockey equipment bags have skate pockets designed to protect the rest of your equipment from your skate blades. Many of the hockey bags in our inventory, like the Bauer Premium Goalie bag, also include security pockets to protect belongings like your watch and wallet.

You can also find hockey bags, such as the Bauer Core and Premium, that include ventilation to help prevent odors from building up while your equipment is being transported. When choosing a hockey bag, note also that some bags have larger opening than others; larger openings make it easier to remove and insert equipment. For information about any of our hockey bags, call us at 1.800.828.7496, or send a message to today.