The revolutionary new M11 Pro helmet – envisioned by Mark Messier and engineered by the head protection experts at Cascade Sports – brings together high-performance fit & feel demanded by pros and cutting-edge technology for protection against head injury and concussion.

The mission of The Messier Project is to address the issue of concussion, which has become an epidemic in hockey, through product development and a public awareness campaign. The Messier Project campaign is an all-encompassing grassroots and educational initiative which aims to change priorities in the sport by encouraging athletes to play smart and choose the best protective equipment.When it comes to reducing the risk of concussion, protection is performance. Players spend big on the fastest skates and the lightest sticks. Priorities need to change so that head protection comes first, because when you consider what is at stake, safety must be the number one priority. Expanding upon Mark Messier’s personal mission to protect the players and the game he loves, The Messier Project will engage the hockey community through the promotion of concussion awareness, smart play, and protective equipment education.

The Messier Project’s mission is addressing the issues of concussions in hockey. The Project’s secret weapon; Seven Technology . Seven Technology is a cutting-edge new liner system which utilizes a ground-breaking impact attenuation system. Seven Technology is tuned to absorb impact using lateral displacement, providing the protection of two helmets in the space of one – one for catastrophic hits and one for concussions.

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