The Proper Fit For Goalie Pads?

1 - Measure the distance from the floor (bare foot) to the middle of the knee cap, straight up, knee slightly bent. The thight rise of the goa pad is determined by measuring from the front center of the knee cap up to the desired height on the front of the thight.

2 -
Then measure from center of knee cap to player’s thighs, approximately 4" above the knee.

3 -
This measurement will be affected by player’s preference.

When you have these two measurements, add 12" to their total to get final pad length.

Senior Goalie Pad Sizes: 31" - 37"
Int. Goalie Pad Sizes: 29" - 31"
Junior Goalie Pad Sizes: 26" - 29"
Youth Goalie Pad Sizes: 24"

For more information on how to size Goalie Pads and to ensure the proper fit of your goalie pads please feel free to contact our customer service at 1.800.828.7496 or watch the video below.

How to size Goalie Pads - Goalie Equipment