Easton Mako Hockey Skates

Easton Mako Skate

Players know that speed isn't just about getting up and down the ice. It's about exploding off the line and beating your opponent to every loose puck. It's about going into a corner, maneuvering in a tight spot, and coming out as fast as you can. With this mindset, Easton introduces the Mako skate - a skate that gives players the ability to move naturally and generate explosive speed.
The aggressive blade pitch allows you to get over the front of the skate and create more force into the ice resulting in a more explosive push and skate stride. The asymmetrical patterns allow the Mako skate to fall in line with direction of travel to generate speed and power through cornering. The combination of Easton's Active Extendon guard and deep contour design create the Mako's unique skating system for unrestricted natural movement.
Easton Mako Skate

Easton Mako Sr. Ice Hockey Skates

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