CCM Ribcor Composite Sticks

The revolutionary RibCor stick is the first ever ribbed stick with a loaded shaft for Mind Blowing Pop. 430 grams of pure control and power, the RibCor stick features carbon fibers in constant tension ready to take a shot even before you flex it requiring less effort on your part to obtain the same amount of power in each of your shots. The RibCor's SXX blade goes from stiff to stiffer from heel to toe improving overall accuracy because the blade stays stiff on contact. In addition the Tri-Matrix construction has the ideal fiber orientation at 45 degrees on the forehand and backhand to store and release energy and a 90 degree middle for strength and stability. Call us if you have any questions on any of these sticks at 1-800-828-7496

CCM Ribcor Composite Hockey Stick

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