Bauer Hockey Skates

Bauer Hockey Skates

Choosing the right hockey skates can have a dramatic impact on your game. If you're skating the length of the ice back and forth for most of the game, you might start to notice fatigue setting in. Even when you have energy, your feet may simply be too tired to keep moving at the same speed that they did earlier in the game.

Some of our Hockey Skates

If you want to get to the puck just as quickly in the third period as you did in the first period, having a pair of Bauer hockey skates can give you an edge. At Great Skate Hockey Supply Company, we carry a selection of Bauer hockey skates that are made for players of different ages, from youths to adults. You should find that any pair of Bauer hockey skates can provide you with the support your feet will need, as well as resisting the build-up of moisture inside.Bauer Hockey Skates!

Great Support from Bauer Hockey Skates
All of the Bauer hockey skates that we carry at Great Skate Hockey Supply Company boast the finest construction, including Tuuk blade holders and runners. You'll also find anatomical heel support in many of their hockey skates, as well as foam ankle pads and molded tongues. With so much support, Bauer hockey skates can provide you with a fit that is as comfortable as many athletic sneakers.

What Hockey Skate is right for you?

Bauer Supreme is an Anatomical fitting skate that take power to a whole new level. The greater range of motion creates a faster and more powerful stride, maximizing your speed every game.

Bauer Vapor is a Tapered fitting skate that Start quicker and turn tighter with the patented X-rib design, which makes it the most agile skate in the BAUER arsenal. Take speed back with a vengeance

Bauer Nexus is a Classic fitting skate that gives you better control. Plus the LIGHTSPEED EDGE Holder lets you change steel in seconds, so you’ll always be ready to control the game.

Just as Nike is a trusted name when it comes to athletic footwear, Bauer has a solid reputation for manufacturing the finest hockey equipment. Hockey skates like the Bauer Vapor 1x and Bauer Supreme TotalONE MX3 are produced by Bauer. To find out which hockey skate is right for you, contact us today at

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