Synthetic Ice System - Deluxe Shooting Pad

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Synthetic Ice System - Deluxe Shooting Pad Price


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Synthetic Ice System - Deluxe Shooting Pad 10' x 10'.6"

Skate Anytime with Scan-ICE panels. Scan-ICE performs like ice - indoors or out. Scan-ICE looks, feels and performs like ice - simply lace your skates up and go! Ideal for hockey, figure skating or just fun. Transform your backyard, community rink or elite training center into the closest thing to real ice available today! In fact, independent testing confirms that Scan-ICE has a similar co-efficient of friction as a fresh ice surface!
Skate no matter the venue or weather Scan-ICE is an “ice surface” made of synthetic materials that allows for any skating activity. Scan-ICE has
many potential applications for sports and recreation in both indoor and outdoor rinks, holiday and special event venues, as well as shopping malls and schools. Scan-ICE turns any venue into a skating rink - anytime, anywhere, in any climate!
  • Size: Deluxe Shooting Pad 10' x 10'.6"
  • Each Panel size - The dimensions of the panel are 383mm x 777mm x 10mm. (Approximately 15”x30”x 3/8) 2.85 square feet and weigh only 3.2lbs
  • The first affordable synthetic ice system: Constructed entirely of special polymers, Scan-ICE is delivered in easy to install plates that simply interlock to form a seamless uniform skating surface. Scan-ICE is designed to be easy to assemble as well as convenient to move to a new location.
  • Easy to maintain: To achieve optimal performance and the most “ice” like feel, Scan-ICE requires only straightforward maintenance. Regular cleaning of the surface and application of the Scan-ICE GLIDER ensure that the system performs to the max.
  • Injection-molded design is extremely durable and easy to install: Made of a tough specially formulated high density polyethylene compound, the injection-molded design has a unique interlocking system that offers the following benefits:
  • Stands up to the rigors of hockey and figure skating
  • Easy to install (and remove) on any firm, level surface
  • Optimal grip and glide ratio
  • Dimensionally stable with both vertical and horizontal connection between panels
  • Panels resist damage and can be easily replaced
  • Lightweight panels are easily removed, stored, or transported to another site
  • Over 20 engineered materials added including a glide enhancement
  • State-of-the-art interlocking system for seamless transition
  • Wearability - Lab results show that after 100 manual hockey stops on one panel. The panel wore down only 1.9% Coefficient of friction - The panel performs with a very low coefficient of friction. Ice has a COF of +/-.001. Skate Anytime panels have a COF of +/-.055. 
  • Placement - The panels can be installed and used indoors or outdoors in any weather.  Rain, snow, and sun will not affect the panel. Lab tests show that UV rays will not affect the panel. The panels need to placed on a firm hard surface, i.e. concrete, asphalt, pavers, wood. etc. You cannot install the panels on a lawn
  • Don’t be left out in the cold, order yours today!
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