How Do I Know What Length Of Stick To Use and Where Should I Cut My Hockey Stick Off?

How to size Hockey Sticks - Hockey Equipment

  • A good way to measure your stick is to stand, without skates in your stocking feet, on a flat surface.
  • Place the toe of your stick on the ground between your feet.
  • Lean the stick straight up-and-down so the handle of the stick touches the tip of your nose.
  • A general rule is to mark and cut the handle of your stick where it touches the tip of your nose.
  • Then when standing on your skates, the stick should come up to your chin or just below it.

What Are The Differences Between Composite & Wood Sticks?

Wood Sticks are generally manufactured with a standard square shape. These are generally the heaviest sticks. They are a good value but have poor consistency and many breakages.

Composite shafts/Sticks can be found to have all types of shapes, weights and flexes. A composite shaft/Stick should be purchased for the shaft consistency, shot speed and accuracy and its lighter weight.

Hockey players choose from brands like:
   -   CCM   -   Reebok   -   Easton   -   Warrior

Goalies we have hockey sticks available for you in brand like:
   -   Reebok   -   Sher-Wood

For more information on how to size a hockey stick and to ensure the proper fit of your hockey stick please feel free to contact our customer service at 1.800.828.7496