Bauer Vapor APX2 Ice Hockey Skates

Bauer Vapor APX2 Skate

The new Bauer Vapor APX2 Hockey Skates offers a X-rib design that provides structural support and stability throughout the boot, allowing for faster acceleration and quicker turns. The angle of the boot is cut aggressive to allow for greater forward flex. The injected stability lacing system with innovative one-piece construction maximizes energy return and provides increased stability throughout the life of the skate and explosive energy transfer with every stride. The Bauer APX skate stability lacing system reduces the amount of total energy lost vs. traditional construction allowing the player to exit turns faster while increasing acceleration for more energy transfer to the ice. The new lacing system will help make each cross over quicker allowing the player to experience faster feet for maximum on-ice performance. The Bauer Vapor APX2 skate Tuuk LS Fusion blades have revolutionary runner design, fusing the strength and performance of our elite stainless steel with highgrade aluminum, reducing the weight of the runner by 27%.

Bauer APX2 Skate Bauer Vapor APX2 Hockey Skates

Bauer Vapor APX2 Senior Hockey Skates

Our Price: $849.99

Bauer Vapor APX2 Junior Hockey Skates

Our Price: $599.99