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Bauer Supreme 1S Custom Composite Stick - Senior Price


SKU: vap40c
Left or Right
Pick The Grip
Stick Colors
Personalized Name And Number
Pattern - Custom Stick
Custom lettering
Custom Number

My Bauer - Bauer Supreme 1S Custom Composite Sticks - Senior

Custom Built Scoring Machine:

Custom Build your My Bauer Supreme 1S Stick with the options below:

Your Flex, Left/Right, Pattern, Grip, Color, Name.

  • Since you have chosen the Supreme Design this means that you are looking for the Pure Power Design.
  • Shaft: Square dimensions allow for a sure, consistant grip. 
  • Kickpoint: The amplified Mid Kick point allows the stick todo more of the work for you while maximizing power though the shot. 
  • Taper: .520 Power Taper increases torsional rigidity for maximum power and accuracy in every shot 
  • Blade: Dual Density Power core II unmached feel with maximum energy transfer 
  • Step #1 Choose Your Flex:
  • Senior Flex -
  • Step #2 Left/Right:
  • Right or Left?: When the player is holding the stick, the hand at the bottom of the shaft will determine right or left. Right hand on the bottom shoots right, left hand on the bottom shoots left.
  • Step #3 Pick Your Pattern:
  • This is a critical step in selecting the stick that best suits your style of play. Bauer has made up 12 different blade patterns for you to choose from.
  • Step #4 Pick Your Grip:
  • There are 12 different finishes to choose from on your stick. Pick the finish you're used to or try something new! 
  • Step #5 Customize with Color:
  • On the Supreme 1S Stick you can customize the color of the 'Line's. 
  • *The Samples shown on-line may vary slightly.
  • Step #6 Personalize with Name and Number:
  • Your have 14 Characters to be as creative as you want. You can use the following numbers, letters and symbols: 1 - 99, A - Z, #(number Symbol), .(Period), - (Dash or Hyphen), $(Dollar Sign), !(Exclamation Point), '(Apostrophe). Remember the spaces count as a character. *During the check out process please re-print the name & number under messages. Please note: Your entry will be filtered for profanity.
  • Shipping: 
  • Once we receive your order, your design is scheduled and materials are prepared. Every MyBauer product is made to order, and in most cases, Bauer will be able to ship your product within 3-5 weeks. 
  • Returns:
  • MyBauer starts processing your order product immediately. Therefore, cancellations or modifications to MyBauer orders are not possible. MyBauer sticks can only be returned due to stick warranty issues, Bauer reserves the right to refuse returns.
  • Order Confirmation: 
  • Once you have submitted your order, you will receive an e-mail conformation from 
  • Shipping Confirmation & Tracking: 
  • When your stick leaves the factory you will also receive a shipping confirmation via e-mail to notify you that your stick is en route. In this e-mail will be a UPS tracking # that will allow you to track the package to its destination. 
  • Product Orders: 
  • All orders placed through the website are subject to Bauer's acceptance, which is in its sole discretion. Please note. You are placing this order on 
  • Stick Warranty: 
  • MyBauer sticks have a 30 day warranty. The warranty on all sticks begins the day the stick are delivered (measured by signature of delivery) to the customer. Bauer will provide a one-time replacement of your composite stick if broken due to manufacturing defect. Bauer will replace the iD stick with the same or a comparable model. Please note that delivery of the replacement stick will take 3-5 weeks.
  • Any problems with the shipping must be delt directly with Bauer. 
  • *All Sales are final. All orders must be placed Online.
  • **Tax is based on shipping address and will vary by location.
  • ***Shipping and billing address must be in the same country.
  • ****No cross border shipping. Freight cost of $15.00 will be added Per Stick. No Free Freight

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